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 How to setup Email Reports

The procedure to setup individual Email reports is detailed below.

Step 1: Configure Event and Email Stations

Note: Station needs to be restarted once configuration is complete 

  • Navigate to Miscellaneous>General
  • Select an Event Station
  • Select an Email Station
    • (Note: Email Station must have Internet access and ability to send emails)

Step 2: Setup Email Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Options in Miscellaneous> General> Restaurant

Note: SSL Email is not supported (Gmail, Hotmail, etc)

  • Enter Restaurants 'Email Address'
  • Set 'Internet Connection Type' to 'Always Connected'
  • Enter SMTP Server
  • Enter User Name
  • Enter Password
  • Enter Port (Note: Port 25 is often blocked and a different port will need to be entered.)
  • Select Use Authentication (If required)

Step 3: Setup Report

  • Navigate to Reports>Setup
  • Select an available report on the lefthand side
  • Name the report
  • Select the appropriate report
  • Select the desired report options
  • Select the 'Output' tab
  • Enter the File Name (Example=%dDailySales.pdf) 
    • Note: %d will insert the date into the report name 
  • Enter the Email Address to send the report    Note:If sending to more than one person place a semicolon (;) after the first email address and enter the next email address
  • Select Save and Close

Step 4: Setup an Event to send the report 

  • Navigate to Miscellaneous>Events
  • Scroll down to an available Event
  • Enter a name for the Event (Example: Daily Sales Email) 
  • Select the Report to email
  • Select 'Active'
  • Select 'Frequency'
  • Enter time to send email
  • Select Save and Close