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Detail out configuration and setup to implement Teams in Focus


v7.4 15.2.16 or newer

All sales for the team are combined for entirerty of the shift for all team members


STEP 1: Activate Job Right "Checks - Team (Allow on Team) for all jobs that can be assigned to team

Step 2: Create Package <Command = Teams>

Step 3: Assign Package to Canvas or Job Command Ribbon

Step 4: Create Team Report <Reports to Report Setup>

  • Select unused Report Slot and Name accordingly
  • Type set to Team Report
  • Select the options and section you desire to display on report
  • Set to Check if printing on receipt printer, Report if on office report printer
  • Output tab - Select either Screen or Printer for default

Step 5: How to Setup Team in FOH 

  • Login and select the Setup Team Package in Step 3
    • If no existing team is present press ADD
      • Select the employees to be include on Team and Assign Share***
      • Save and Close 
      • Additional Team Members can be added at any time and all of their sales and tips will be part of the team for the duration of their clock in and will be part of the team until all team members are clocked out
    • If Team is already open
      • Select Team # from drop down
      • Add additional team members and assign shares (You may edit the team and shares until all team members are clocked out)
      • Save and Close

***Sales/Tip calculations are based on the following calculation (# emp Shares)/(Total Team Shares)

***Example:  John 5 Shares, Joe 3 Shares, Jim 2 Shares here is the breakdown

  • John (5/10) = 50%
  • Joe   (3/10) = 30%
  • Jim   (2/10) = 20%