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How to Setup Deposits

The recommended method to setup a deposit for either Functions, Room Reservation or any other application is to create a PAID IN with the name as the Descriptor.  You may have several PAID IN categories for the various Deposits you accept.  (Need Job Right Cashier-Enter Paid Ins)

STEP 1: Define Name

STEP 2: Leave Payment set to NONE so the system will prompt you the payment choice (cash, check, credit, etc...)

STEP 3: Config # Vouchers (recommend 2 - one for restaurant and one for customer)

STEP 4: Option to Require Approval if you want only the staff members with Job Right Payments-Approve to be authorized to process the paid in

STEP 5: Option for Received on Local Account - this will allow you to tie to paid in to an existing customer account if the Customer Service module is active on the software key

STEP 6: Create Package and place on Canvas 

  • Name
  • Command = Paid Ins
    • Option = Deposit (or whatever you created for name for deposit in step 5)
    • Preset Amount - enter if always static or if you what quick key for $100 Deposit can copy package and create multiple Deposits for the various amounts, if left to 0.00 will allow user to input the amount